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Samsung Foundry
Advanced process technologies, manufacturing expertise, and first-class services

Foundry Solutions | Samsung Semiconductor Global Website

Learn why Samsung Foundry is a critical resource for competitive fabless and integrated device manufacturer semiconductor companies. Samsung Foundry offers deep expertise in advanced process and design technologies as well as an excellent track record in high-volume manufacturing. We offer a full range of foundry capabilities from design engagements to turnkey projects, with a focus on leading-edge process technologies from 90nm to 14nm on 300mm wafers and beyond.

Benefit from Samsung's optimized foundry solutions
By outsourcing some or all of the design and manufacturing details to Samsung, you can be confident of maintaining the highest possible product quality while saving time and cost. Samsung Foundry provides a full range of solutions including advanced process technology, design services, design intellectual property (IP), and manufacturing facilities. Customer support is available at every step, from the initial engagement to volume manufacturing. And customer IP is stringently protected.

Advanced process technologies
  • 90nm
  • 65nm
  • 45nm
  • 32/28nm HKMG
  • 14nm FinFET
Capitalize on Samsung's design and process ecosystem
Samsung Foundry customers can leverage Samsung's many joint research and development alliances, including the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA), to access the latest process technologies and help solve their most critical design issues. A broad ecosystem of services includes:
  • Best-in-class reference flows from major electronic design automation (EDA) vendors
  • An extensive IP portfolio including mixed-signal, peripheral, multimedia cores, and interfaces
  • Comprehensive libraries of standard cells, memory compilers, and I/O interfaces
  • Advanced packaging and testing
  • Predictive design-for-manufacturing solutions to address yield upstream in the design flow
Take advantage of Samsung's world-class infrastructure
As an industry-leading semiconductor manufacturer, Samsung has spent billions of dollars on capacity expansion and advanced technology development, providing a world-class infrastructure to help our foundry customers achieve market* success. We are dedicated to providing customers with a complete and reliable path to product development and production – leading to shortened development time, reduced risk, and first-pass success.

Exceptional manufacturing capability with proven high-volume fabrication record
Samsung Foundry's 300mm logic fabs, known as the S1-Line and S2-Line are state-of-the-art facilities supports the high-volume manufacturing including 65nm, 40nm, 32/28nm and 14nm process technologies. The new fab, S3-Line is under construction in Hwaseong, Korea to implement 14nm and beyond process technologies. An early adopter of 300mm wafer technology, Samsung has grown to be the world's leader in 300mm volume production. Foundry customers greatly benefit from SAMSUNG's deep experience and comprehensive knowledge of high-volume manufacturing technology.

  • Wafer Size : 300mm
  • Location : Giheung, Korea
  • Opened in Jan, 2005

  • Wafer Size : 300mm
  • Location : Austin, USA
  • Opened in Apr, 2011

  • Wafer Size : 300mm
  • Location : Hwaseong, Korea
  • Under construction
Fundamentally Changing the Foundry Supply Chain Model
In April 2014, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES put the rest of the foundry industry on notice with its game changing 14nm licensing agreement. Samsung's 14nm process technology will be available at four manufacturing facilities two in Korea (Samsung's S1 and S3 lines) and two in the United States (Samsung's S2 and GLOBALFOUNDRIES's Fab 8). This is an unprecedented amount of 14nm capacity availability to the fabless semiconductor industry. Essentially, a customer can take their single GDS II SoC design and manufacture that chip at any of the fabs.

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