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Intel Custom Foundry is the world’s most advanced and complete contract IC manufacturer. We leverage the process development leadership, manufacturing prowess, and packaging resources of the world largest semiconductor company, Intel, to benefit our customers. Not only do we have the most advanced processes, wafer fabs, and packages, but we also have fully integrated assembly and test facilities managed by our comprehensive logistics systems. Manufacturing takes place at multiple geographic locations around the globe to ensure continuity of supply in the event of natural disaster or political uprising.

Founded in 2009, Intel Custom Foundry has employees in North America and Asia. We serve a number of leading fabless IC providers as well as system companies in several markets.

Intel Custom Foundry Overview

Setting the pace
We are the only true full-service provider to offer standard and customized solutions for every aspect of semiconductor design, manufacturing, packaging, and assembly.
We have long been a leader in silicon process, package, and test technology. We will continue our leadership through investment and innovation in this critical area. Our customers are reaping the benefits of our relentless investment in world-class, pioneering research and development.

The pursuit of Moore’s Law is in Intel’s DNA and is our driving force. The benefits can be seen across three value vectors, namely higher performance, lower power, and lower cost per transistor. As cost per transistor continues to drop, performance per watt is improving rapidly. This has been critical in enabling products from cloud to client and mobile computing.

Through the combination of access to leading-edge process technology and an extensive offering of diverse cost effective packages, assembly, and test technology, our customers get significant time-to-market and time-to-yield benefits for their products. Our access to leading-edge materials and experience in co-optimization has allowed us to introduce technologies that break some traditional conventions. Our manufacturing platform offers highly optimized silicon engineering and production services to help customers take full advantage of Intel’s integrated device manufacturer (IDM) capabilities.

Stable Design Platforms Mean Reduced Time-to-Market

World-class technology demands world-class design solutions.

Our fully-qualified design platform includes design kits and flows, and IP verified on silicon. These intellectual properties (IP) are developed and optimized by us or by our design eco-system providers. All the IPs are verified and characterized prior to delivery to our customers to ensure quality and functionality of the customer’s silicon. Our joint IP and package modeling ensures no unanticipated interactions at a product level. Combination of pre-verified IP and co-optimized packaging provides a high level of confidence in first time right success.

We deliver qualified design solutions early in the technology development, so that our customers can also get the benefit of early access to technology. There are no delays waiting for lead customers to debug our process for us. This is another clear advantage of working with an integrated device manufacturer (IDM).

Time-to-market can be further enhanced by making use of our ASIC design services team. Like all of our designers, they have two generations of FinFET and multi-patterning technology under our belt. This unique experience has helped us improve our design kits and design flows to enhance the productivity of our designers and improve the performance, reliability, and yield of completed designs.

IP Offerings
We offer a full collection of IP ranging from an extensive set of foundational IP (standard cell libraries and memory compilers) to a full range of analog IP and advanced IP that includes our industry leading SerDes.
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Design Flows and Kits

We have a complete set of industry standard design flows supported by leading EDA tools that incorporate all of the knowledge we have gained through multiple generations of volume manufacture of tri-gate technology.
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ASIC Design Services and Support

We have a design team with years of experience completing complex application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) services and SOCs for infrastructure and mobile markets on Intel Custom Foundry’s design platform. Our ASIC services include repeatable and high yielding first time right methodologies. Our customers get the benefits of faster time to market and optimized performance, power, and area metrics.
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Design Ecosystem

We align with a broad range of industry-leading EDA suppliers early in the technology development cycle to incorporate the nuances of our technologies into their design tools. Our foundry ecosystem in growing quickly to meet the needs of current and future customers.
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Manufacturing Services
Intel Custom Foundry Manufacturing Services delivers the full advantages of an IDM Foundry offering in house services ranging from Mask generation and Wafer fabrication thru Package, Assembly, Test to a range of Supply Chain services. While the complete offering of all needed services offers the benefits of a single supply chain solution to the customer, multiple Intel Copy Exactly facilities around the world ensure leading edge supply availability and continuity.

Wafer Manufacturing
Intel’s Copy Exactly! enables delivery of product from multiple production sites, which operate together as a single virtual factory. Performance is consistent and independent of the particular manufacturing site. Benefits include quicker production ramps with improved product availability and enhanced quality.
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Package and Assembly
Intel is an industry leader in package and assembly technologies enabling Intel Custom Foundry to offer a wide variety of packaging solutions meeting a diverse set of requirements from high performance to low power for various market segments. These leverage both Intel’s enormous investments in Package and Assembly R&D as well as internal high volume product learnings about chip-package interactions, package reliability etc. to ensure smooth production ramps.
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Final Test
Intel Custom Foundry offers complete test services. They include test plan definition per customer requirements, designing and developing test interface hardware, and test program development and debug services. We can also convert customer provided test patterns to those used by Intel’s world class highly parallel test platforms.
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