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  • eSilicon Try IP Before You Buy

    Article: Apple's New iPAD and the End of PC Benchmarks-es2.jpgI've written before about eSilicon's IP Marketplace. This is the latest in several steps to automate more and more of the interface between eSilicon and its customers: MPW quotes, production quotes, tracking orders through manufacturing, and now IP quotes. There is a phrase in software development called "eating your own dogfood" meaning making yourself use the software and techniques that you develop. That way you find problems and fix them really fast. As an industry, semiconductor enables the entire internet and all the various businesses on it but we have not been very good at eating our own dogfood and using the e-commerce techniques that we enable others to use. eSilicon is on the cutting edge for this today.

    See also eSilicon's IP Marketplace

    There is a webinar coming up next week on IP Marketplace called Try IP Before You Buy. It will include a live demo of the system. The webinar is on Wednesday January 21st from 9.00am to 9.30am Pacific. So what will you see?
    Within the IP MarketPlace environment, we'll explore real-time PPA evaluation and memory instance generation, followed by Q&A.
    Article: Apple's New iPAD and the End of PC Benchmarks-es1.jpg
    In a little more detail: you will see real-time PPA analysis: See how you can get immediate answers to your power, performance or area (PPA) questions on eSilicon memory compilers and I/Os using the IP MarketPlace environment:

    • Generate dynamic, graphical PPA analyses
    • View your chosen data graphically, in table format, or download to Excel
    • Build and download a complete chip memory subsystem
    • Generate and download IP front-end views
    • Run simulations in your own environment
    • Purchase the right IP when you're ready

    Like the rest of the eSilicon Online Tool Suite, the IP MarketPlace tool is available at no charge or obligation.

    eSilicon regards this whole Online Tool Suite as a competitive advantage. In fact the CEO of eSilicon, Jack Harding, has an interesting blog entry on the topic:
    Approximately two decades ago Michael Porter observed, “There are no longer any low-tech industries, only low-tech companies.” Ironically, the very semiconductor industry that has contributed enormously to Mr. Porter’s declaration now finds itself a laggard in the same ecosystem it has enabled: the e-business community. For how long will we crush the grapes barefooted? Or will we embrace the inevitable, drive our own efficiencies and tame the complexity curve that provides both our challenges and opportunities?

    Read Jack's blog entry here.

    You can register for the webinar here.

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