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  • Brian Krzanich Does Reddit AMA

    Book about IC Sales Engineering-ireddit.jpgDo you know what an AMA is on Reddit? It stands for "ask me anything". A person, often a famous person like Bill Gates (last week) but sometimes just someone who does an interesting job (like astronaut) or was in an interesting situation (like the hijack from Ethiopia last week).

    Today, it is someone who argualble is all three: Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel. Most of the people asking questions are not semiconductor professionals so they didn't ask the questions I would have (and it was over by the time I discovered it had taken place).

    He is very upfront about Intel missing the mobile transition:

    How did Intel miss out on the mobile/tablet market and what is it doing now to compensate?

    BrianKrzanich 366 points 1 hour ago
    we wanted the world of computing to stop at PC's...and the world.. as it never does... didn't stop innovating.. The new CEO of Microsoft Satya said it well the other day... our industry does not respect tradition, it respects innovation.... i think he was 100% right.. and it's why we missed the mobile move.

    Book about IC Sales Engineering-bkama.jpgDid you always want to be a CEO? Did you come from a technical background?

    BrianKrzanich 59 points 1 hour ago
    nope.. thought i wanted to stick with the pure technical path.... then i realized the best way to drive technology was to run the company...

    He is also clearly a total geek who used to water-cool his PC and overclock it at 4GHz:

    Do you own a badass gaming PC with a crazy processor that isn't on the open market?

    BrianKrzanich 104 points 1 hour ago
    no.. i used to have time to do that.. i used to build my own PC's.. and actually had one of the first water cooled overclocked PC's around. i ran it at over 4Ghz and this was back in 2001... but alas i do not have the time for that fun anymore

    and what color socks is he wearing?

    BrianKrzanich 38 points 1 hour ago

    I knew that would be the first thing SemiWiki readers wanted to know.

    Brian's AMA is here.

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